Trucks are no longer for boys!

When it comes to technical jobs, girls are often seen as not concerned. Boys rule, or do they?

One more time, Volvo trucks are using a funny campaign to break the rules:

So driving a truck: easy, safe and… girly?! The next time you will drive nearby a truck, don’t be surprised if the driver is a woman and have a safe journey.

Break the 30 seconds to stimulate your target

storytellingWhen it comes to advertising, people often think about billboards and TV. The common challenge is to entertain and catch the attention on a small and delimited space or in a very short time, the famous golden 30 seconds. But with the new media wave and especially the new consumers generation – the famous Millennials – you have to think twice before you run it as usual. There is so much advertising around that you have to rise your brand/product/message above the noise. And here comes the key, content! So as long (sic!) as you provide something valuable, there is no limit to the format you can use.

The challenge is to provide a real content. Especially as there is no receipt. Storytelling is a good tool, but it is clearly not enough to catch the attention. Look at the picture above for example, you can get catch, but you are not going to spend a long time if nothing else happens. To do so, you can even get out of the road. Have a look on this Hyundai “short movie”:

Everything is there, in the background. Space technology, connexion with the target (parents, etc.) with emotions and of course the car. The world record mentioned at the end would not be enough to tell the right story and to catch with the right audience, it’s just a nice to have bonus to stress the good feeling. The great part of this technique is that even if it costs more, you can use it longer, e.g. showing what was done behind the scene.

Being out of standards can even be a part of your brand, as the 30 seconds to Mars band handle it pretty well. About every song is transformed into a short film:

With a very strong brand identity this band is fully exploiting youtube potential to advertise and strength its identity beyond the simple sharing of an album’s song.

Read more about this with the Euronews MIPTV 2015 report.

Keep telling and listening to stories and get your penguin to do so!

Let’s get social (the branding world #2)

pinterestWhen it comes to social media, many companies are scared or simply copy the stuff designed for traditional medias. Please, don’t! To build a strong brand, it is essential to create a genuine relationship with your customers and/or partners. And to do so, use the proper communications tools for each channel. Can you imagine to promote a product in Chinese in an English speaking country? No, of course. Here are some easy tips to follow.

1. You don’t have the resources to manage your own ‘onliners’ team? Don’t worry, there is a plenty of amazing guys that can help you. For example, Lipton promoted its sparkling ice tea thanks to a well known youtuber:

The result is a not too expensive video and have created a small buzz online. But the main strength of this approach is that the brand identity can be customize. If in a store Lipton’s products are linked with your granny kitchen, here – online – they look much more younger and funnier, which is the aim for a sparkling tea can. If you have different market shares, don’t hesitate to adapt your strategy using social media.

 2. You can’t afford to manage your customers’ negative reactions online? Of course, social media can be ‘dangerous’. As in real life and even faster, customers can spread a bad opinion about your company. But the trick is that you have the same advantage to rebuild your image! For example, when a man criticize on Facebook your advertising for a menstrual pad:

Well done, isn’t it? Of course, not every CEO is ready to be involved… But, turning the weakness of being on Facebook into a strength is certainly a very good idea to show to your customers how much you care about their reactions. In that specific case, showing that you are funny enough to be realistic about your own products and their advertising is a perfect solution to create a kind of complicity with the customer.

 3. You can’t or don’t want to plan a complex online strategy? Social media are even more created for you! For example, Sephora created a really strong trend on Pinterest. People can share products’ pictures on their boards directly from the brand’s website. Nothing complex, just pictures to advertise. This ‘simple’ approach created a large community – some hundred thousands followers – which is an important provider for the online shop traffic.

Sephora's Pinterest

If you’re looking to show a broader image of your company or products, visual contents, as displayed on Pinerest, are an easy solution to do so. It can even lead to completely rethink your business, as for GoPro getting media.

So don’t be scared by social media, simple solutions exist for your first steps online and don’t forget to keep it cool and fun. If you need some advices, don’t hesitate and get in touch with your favorite penguin!

Don’t let youtube be a turkey!

Capture d’écran 2014-03-08 à 16.22.15Are Youtube and Facebook going to be banned in Turkey? It seems that it is the Prime Minister Erdogan’s wish. The pretext for the ban? Immorality and espionage… If those kind of initiatives are still topical, does it mean that dictatorial behaviors will no longer be denounced and no longer available online? Probably! So, before it is too late, please enjoy this incredible video about the situation in Turkey:

Seriously, from the communications point of view, trying to demonize the media or the people who already leaked critical information leading to a crisis is never – I insist – never a good way to muzzle a public scandal. Even worse, it often emphasizes the problem, a phenomenon known as the Streisand effect.

When it comes to manage a crisis from the communicational perspective here are some basic rules to follow:

– Avoid crisis before it is too late!

– Always be prepared for the worst, even if it seems impossible.

– Don’t cheat with media (especially journalists and Internet), they never forget.

– Ask professionals to manage the crisis and its consequences.

– Last but not least, if you are a politician, try your best to be honest…

If you have a crisis to handle or if you want to avoid it, take a penguin (not a turkey!) and contact us.