When marketing meets with neurosciences

NeuromarketingMany believe that today’s marketing and advertising strategies are fully driven by neurosciences and that leading companies are manipulating us. Of course, science is involved in this field too, improving our knowledge, as well as sales. Behind the conspiracy theory, there is a really fascinating field to discover about how our brain works and how we manage to focus our attention with efficiency in a world overloaded by stimulus.

Thanks to neuromarketing, marketers can learn how to enhance their products in order to be shortlisted by customers – mainly unconsciously – when it comes to realize a purchase. But what happen if you enlighten these processes to the customer? Are you going to loose its attention and even worst its interest? Czech carmaker Skoda decided to try this approach:

The intersting point with this mise en abyss effect about marketing tools, is that – rather than creating a rejection – it creates a kind of enchantment which spills over the car and the brand. Pretty smart, isn’t it? If you want to learn more about advertising methods (and read french…), have a look on Julien Intartaglia‘s book “La pub qui cartonne!

Stay focused and keep using your brain.