The beauty of safety (thanks ANZ’s marketers!)

Marketing is often considered as a devilish strategy – even able to use bikini – to only make money with poor innocent customers. Let be honest: it is! But it’s mainly a bad companies business. Good ones are of course using marketing to make money too, but not only. They also use marketing to reach wider goals, as customers security.

Air New Zealand is implementing a strong branding strategy not only to increase its popularity, but also to raise passengers awareness about airplanes safety. Boring? Certainly if you consider standard presentations in planes, when the baby behind you is crying, the fat guy in front of you is crushing you with his seat, etc. But when it’s about that :

People – especially males – get instantly interested in and are ready to listen to carefully.

It’s not the first attempt of Air New Zealand to entertain passengers with security rules. Previously they used as well their homeland’s famous link with Tolkien’s movies (they were shot there), as the release of the Hobbit to promote their airline, the country and security rules in a single short film. Well done!

Don’t forget to enjoy your flight and take a penguin too!


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